About the tool

What are the ADT’s benefits?

What are the ADT benefits?

  • The ADT is a strategic tool aiming at assisting stakeholders as they strive toward furthering country financial sector growth  by assessing a country’s  capacity for high-quality corporate reporting and by providing analytical information regarding benchmarking and country progress over time through the measurement of its convergence towards the implementation of internationally agreed  standards and practices;  by providing analytical information regarding  by the identification  and prioritization of strategic imperatives related to the building of a road maps and country action plan, and the effectiveness and efficiency of various technical assistance programs.
  •  For a number of stakeholders, the ADT is key in analyzing impact and outcomes of accounting reforms towards convergence. For Standards setters, it helps to understand status of international standards, challenges, issues for improvement and support, particularly for developing countries. Academia will better understand international standards on accounting curricula and areas for further human and institutional capacity building.  Government Agencies could  identify areas for support, gaps, weaknesses and to define  policies, priorities and allocate resources. Regulators will focus attention on the effective implementation and enforcement of standards over time. Donors better understand  the position and progress of national accounting architecture and better measure the impact of their support and intervention towards convergence. Finally, Investors will invest more, as they will know the state of development of financial architecture, quality of reporting and investment climate.